Katy Perry Wants Gag Order to Keep Russell Brand from Talking about Her!

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Last month, Russell Brand was on Howard Stern’s radio show and, naturally, was asked about ex-wife Katy Perry. Russell admitted that their marriage hadn’t worked out partly because of their busy schedules and partly because he wanted to start a family and she didn’t. But he also called Katy “beautiful” and “sensitive” and said they had “a lovely relationship,” he doesn’t “want anything to hurt her” and he still “care[s] about her deeply.” And Katy is pissed.

According to the Daily Star, although Russell was incredibly complimentary, Katy is so upset that she wants to get a gag order and “has instructed her lawyers to stop her ex-husband from discussing their doomed relationship in TV interviews.”

“Katy is fed up with Russell constantly making reference to their marriage in interviews,” a “pal” tells the Daily Star. “While it’s mainly harmless and often even complimentary, she’s sick to death of his comments being splashed all over the news and magazines. Katy went berserk after the interview with Howard Stern. She called lawyers and told them to put a gagging order on Russ to prevent him from speaking about her in public again. Katy vowed never to reveal the ins and outs of their marriage breakdown or speak about Russell in any way. All she wants is the same in return.”

So, Russell can’t talk about their marriage but Katy can? After they split, she reworked the lyrics of her song “Part of Me” to reference the divorce, changing “You can keep the dog/I never liked him anyway” to “You can keep the diamond ring/It don’t mean nothing anyway.” Her most recent song “Wide Awake” is obviously about their marriage, and the video includes a scene of her punching Prince Charming. She also used footage of him in her documentary Part of Me, even though he reportedly asked her not to. So if this is true, it’s pretty hypocritical of her. But while she’s at it, she should get her lawyers to get a pre-emptive gag order for current beau John Mayer. He has no problem talking about his exes, calling Jessica Simpson “sexual napalm” and giving a sidewalk press conference when he and Jennifer Aniston broke up. Katy should be way more worried about what John might say than about Russell, who’s kept it pretty classy so far.

What do you think? Should Katy Perry get a gag order? Should Russell Brand get one? Sound off in the comments!

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