Katy Perry: Will Russell Brand Divorce Change Her Music?

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Katy Perry’s divorce from Russell Brand may have really changed the pop singer. If the tabloid rumors are correct, don’t expect Katy to continue her happy-go-lucky, bubble gum pop music. No, things could get really somber.

“My music is about to get real f****** dark. You’d never see my face because my hair would be in it,” claims the pop music superstar. Goodness, what happened to the cheerful and a bit awkward Katy Perry? It is really hard to imagine the same girl who gave the world “Firework” could be capable of singing a bunch of depressing music.

Of course, Kate wouldn’t be changing a thing about her music if she was just able to get into a time machine and erase the fact that she even married Russell Brand in the first place. Knowing what she knows now, Katy Perry may have never given the British comedian the time of day. True, divorce changes people. Hopefully this divorce won’t mess Katy up so bad that her music becomes unlistenable.

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