Katy Perry’s Cat Kitty Purry Twitter Photo Goes Viral

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Katy Perry’s cat Kitty Purry is a hit on Twitter. The hit singer tweeted a picture of her lovely gray feline lounging in her extra fancy shark bed. All it took was this one picture for Kitty Purry to go viral.

Earlier today, @katyperry tweeted “cutest picture of the day: Kitty Purry in her Shark bed being a boss! .”

Katy Perry's Cat Kitty Purry Twitter Photo Goes ViralHave you seen the picture of Katy Perry’s pampered kitty? Twitter fans of the singer immediately began tweeting about the now famous cat. A common theme was how many people wanted a bed as nice as Kitty Purry’s fancy shark bed.

One Twitterer named @Peaches1999 tweeted “@katyperry Kitty Purry is a adorable and being treated accordingly, I can tell!”

The adorable gray cat isn’t the only pet in the household that Katy Perry and husband Russell Brand share. They also have cats named Morrissey and Krusty. Perry is an obvious fan of cats too because she even named her fragrance “Purr.”

Thanks to Katy Perry’s adorable picture tweet, “Kitty Purry” is trending world wide. Have you taken a moment out of your Monday to check out the fancy cat? You should! Perhaps this cat needs to get its own Twitter.

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