Kayaking the Potomac to See a Rough Rider ~ Washington Chronicles

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After we left the Farmer’s Market in Dupont Circle ladled with all our picnic supplies, we headed for Jack’s Boat House, about 2 miles from my hotel.  As Will filled out our paperwork for the kayaks, we feasted on Starbuck’s coffee and muffins.  A large group of George Washington freshmen were also at Jack’s having a “bonding experience”.  Both Will and Mel remembered their own freshmen orientations.









Do not those peaches look scrumptious?




For an old hippie, Jack has quite a business going here.









The weather was a cool 70 degrees with no humidity…perfect for our trip.  Before heading over to the Teddy Roosevelt Island we decided to cruise the Potomac and view the Watergate Hotel as well as The Kennedy Center.











The Watergate Hotel…the beginning of the end for President Nixon.


The Kennedy Center






Rounding the island, a blue heron flew in to make friends with a bunch of Canadian geese.


Across the way we saw Rosslyn, Virginia and I spotted this little concrete cave…

“What could that be, Will” I inquired.

“That’s the Cheney Troll Getaway, Mom….that’s his hideaway.”




Landing on a sandy shore, we started hiking through the forest, eventually ending up on a boardwalk that circled the island.  As we headed up the trail to the Memorial, Will warned me that the bronze statue of Teddy Roosevelt reminded him of Stalin with a Hitler raised hand.  What do you think?http://media-files.gather.com/images/d523/d852/d745/d224/d96/f3/full.jpg


























After all that walking, it was time to cool off my aching feet in one of the many pools before heading back to the kayaks and paddling back to Jack’s Boat House.




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