KC Concepcion Rogue Magazine – Full Pictures Revealed Online

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Just recently, the sexy KC Concepcion Rogue magazine cover photo was really turning heads as it surfaced online. Now, a full set of the pictures of the actress from inside the pages of the mag has been made available on various websites. The latest images are just as stunning and bold as those already seen online from this star.

While the KC Concepcion Rogue magazine can be purchased at Zinio in online format, Papa Rasty’s Blog has published the complete set of KC’s sexy pics. The newest of the pictures shows KC in a tight white stretch top as she stares to the side with her arms raised up above her head. Another new provocative photo shows the Filipina star laying on her side in her white swimsuit with her pet snake wrapped around her waist and hip. The quote, “You want to be as real as possible,” is shown above her.

These Rogue photos of KC Concepcion have certainly garnered the actress and singer plenty of attention. The question is whether or not she can continue to rise in terms of star power. Some have said that her photo shoot is controversial and daring, but compared to what many have seen from US models and celebs, it may not be seen that way. Still, KC seems to have pulled off a feat that more celebs should go far: sexy enough to provoke imagination without taking off all clothing.

What do you think of the new KC Concepcion Rogue photos that are now available online? Will she continue to rise in fame after this sexy photo shoot?

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