Keebler 100-Calorie Fudge Grahams

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Due to a 2 for $5 sale (or something like that), I stocked up on some of my favorite snacks: 100 calorie packs.

I can’t help it! They are convenient, the perfect snack size and tend to be only 2 Weight Watcher points (100 calories) for a whole pack. How can you beat that?

I’ll tell you how: by having them on sale! These little guys tend to be a bit expensive, so when they are on sale, I load up.

This time around, I went with all Kellogg’s: Cheez-Its (I tend to stick to Cheetos “Asteroids” or Doritos), Cheez-It® Party Mix, Fudge Grahams and I THINK Fudge-Dripped Pretzels…

I just tried the Fudge Grahams, which are like a little cookie party! They are soft, yet crunchy; chocolately, but not overly so (I’m not a HUGE chocolate person); and aren’t TOO sweet. The chocolate is smooth and creamy, but you can tell it’s not QUALITY chocolate. The graham cracker helps give it a “salty-and-sweet” type of feeling.

Each little Fudge Graham is a bit bigger than one of my fingers (width-wise) and is maybe about an inch in length? The package has a good amount in it and they are filling – for a snack.

Overall, I would consider buying these again (especially on sale!) when I want a sweeter snack and not my typically cheesy snack.

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