‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ 2012: Keeping Up with the Royals

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On Keeping Up with the Kardashians this week, some key members of the gang end up in London to give this town a taste of what the American royals are all about. Of course, Khloe couldn’t go because she was very pregnant when this show was being made.

So, to keep things lively, Kim asked Jonathan Cheban along for the adventure, and, surprise! Kanye West just happened to be in the British capital at the same time Kim Kardashian was hawking some of her many wares at various spots around the city, including in a UK mall.

While in town, Rob and Scott have booked their own appearance, this one at a nightclub. It turns out that even though the two are settled into a VIP section, there’s a lot of screaming and yelling for autographs from the regular, something which does not appeal to Scott. Rob gets upset and ends up interacting with the crowd by himself and as contracted for this gig.

As for Kimmy K, she took Johnathan to her hotel room in the celebrated Athenaeum in Mayfair from which Buckingham Palace could be viewed from her window and in which her clothes were all neatly lined up and ready to wear. This was not very impressive as far as Jonathan was concerned. He was bored.

Meanwhile, Scott and Rob decided to make the most of their visit across the Pond during their free time and during which time Disick had a really novel tourist idea in mind: He decided to become a Lord. While the ceremony took place (it was very formal), Rob lounged on a sofa enjoying every minute of it.

Besides, Scott needed a witness so that he could become an official Lord. Where he now reigns is anyone’s guess because that wasn’t disclosed but it was clear Lord Disick was absolutely thrilled to have been touched on each shoulder with swords before turning into such a upscale figure in the eyes of whoever is into such things as mere titles.

While Kim was in London to promote her new fragrance, Khloe, Bruce and Kris weren’t far behind. In fact, they were just across the Atlantic in Boston where they had gone to make personal appearances.

First Bruce has his own autograph signing, giving Khloe and Kris some time to catch up and then Khloe asked Bruce to attend their event in the evening. These preparations in Beantown were a bit more elaborate than Bruce could handle, with Jenner in need of keeping to a strict schedule. This just didn’t work since hair and makeup took longer than he ever even dreamed it could and so he paced, intermittently saying, “Let’s go.” This over used phrase only served to make Kris so mad she said she was about to “stab herself in the eyeball with a fork.” Colorful.

Because her parents don’t seem to be getting along, Khloe tries to intervene. She talked to her mom and she talked to Bruce because she was a bit shocked at how the two were having so much trouble handling each other during this trip to get a bit of work done for the Kardashian empire on Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Meanwhile, back in London, Jonathan Cheban remained bored, and was not in the mood to sit at the feet of Kim Karadashian as she worked. He told her so, and she was hurt, which is how she usually ends up with her best friend when he gets mad at her. Besides, she felt she went out of her way to make for a great trip for Cheban and the other guys since she was able to snag Jonathan, Scott, and Rob tickets, back-stage passes and an in for the after-party to Kanye’s concert.

This was just not something Jonathan was keen to do. He grew tired of Kim and her self-serving ways in which she kept telling him when and where to go. So, he split, calling over his shoulder, “I’m going to just do my own thing.”

Later, the two did get back together to enjoy the fascinating city they were visiting, even looking down on Blighty from atop the Eye. Oh, and yes, Kim apologized to Jonathan, alluding to the fact that realized she had not been fair to him.

And so another hour-long episode of KUWTK came to a close. Stay tuned for more Keeping Up with the Kardashians mischief next week when the 2012 season continues on E! Entertainment Television.


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