‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ 2012 Recap: Infidelity and a Broken Toe on June 24

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On Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the Jenner Kardashian clan decide to take their family vacation. However, don’t think this getaway is all about luxury and good times for this blended tribe because there’s plenty of drama as these TV reality show veterans hit the Dominican Republic.

Actually, that drama starts even before this tribe gets to the tropical island. In fact, the fresh Sunday night episode starts where the last one left off—with Kris Jenner apparently sneaking off in a glittery jacket to see her old flame, Todd Waterman.

‘Turns out Kris didn’t have the guts to go through with the secret rendezvous she had planned with the guy for whom she left Robert Kardashian. Still, Bruce Jenner’s wife intended to get together with this man, a move some could consider emotional infidelity.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…er, the Jenner family compound, Kourtney has decided the family should go to Ireland for their holiday this year. But, not long after Kris starts making arrangements, she has second thoughts. This second-guessing herself is something Kourt is known to have all the time but even more so now that she’s pregnant.

However, Bruce doesn’t let this put a damper on their so-called vacay and so he puts everyone’s first choice of where to go into a hat and, voila! The Kardashian Jenners are going to take Keeping Up with the Kardashians to the Caribbean.

That said, this is by no means an easy task, especially for Kourtney who just isn’t feeling like traveling at the last minute when Kim and Scott and Mason are packed and ready to go. So, the four miss their plane because of her hesitance, while everyone else is on their way through Miami and on to the islands.

Meanwhile, upon arrival at Casa del Campo in the Dominican (as everyone keeps calling this fantastic destination), all who made it there so far are greeted by yet another Kardashian: Khloe Kardashian Odom. This fun-loving sister wasn’t going to be able to make it to the annual family vacation, but ultimately she did get away after all, leaving Lamar to deal with business in Miami.

Everyone is excited about Khloe’s early arrival (she greeted the clan on top of the villa as a big surprise), but soon Kris Jenner isn’t so sure about how happy she is about the whole deal when Odom and the Jenner girls and their two friends decide to go tribal, war paint and all.

Together, the kids kidnap mom and then promptly dump her in the pool. As a result of this assault, the audience not only gets to see nearly all of Kris as her bathrobe gets soaked and her private parts show through, but they also see Kris Jenner break her toe as she hits the shallow end of the swimming hole. Karma, maybe?


Back in Southern California, Kourtney, Kim and Scott have a lot to worry about because, since these guys missed their flight, they have to try to rebook. Sadly (or happily), there is no alternative but to fly in a private plane in order to be able to join the others in the Dominican.

Kourtney is still acting indecisive, and their pit stop in Miami may be the end of the road for the pregnant Kardashian sister because, for some reason, she wants to turn back. At last, again for some reason, she decides to go forward, and finally these members of the Keeping Up with the Kardashians crew are reunited in the Caribbean, some the worse for wear.

At that point, Scott speaks to Rob Kardashian about how he doesn’t want to deal with Bruce. The two men are at odds because, before the trip, Jenner introduced Disick as “a friend” to some of his pals when he and his Jenner sons go to the track. As a result, Scott leaves their “date” early and the two haven’t spoken since. Bruce feels Scott was rude. Scott feels Bruce slighted him.

So, when the first real family dinner of the vacation takes place, Bruce and Scott are not at all chummy. Add to that the fact that Kourt is not keen on her mom at that point in time, responding to Kris about a suggestion she should talk to her boyfriend about his behavior for the sake of their union by saying she isn’t about to take “relationship advice from someone who is meeting in secret with a man from her past.”

At this comment, Bruce’s tight face gets even tighter and he bails on the meal after his wife refuses to talk about the Todd thing. In fact, the whole family is really not feeling this particular dinner gathering, so Kris ends up alone at the table with her broken toe.

That said, as the end of the hour comes abruptly to an end, the matriarch of the Jenner Kardashian clan is in tears at the thought of how her very intimate family vacation is being played out before a whole bunch of cameras, and perhaps a scripted word here and there.

So, did you watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians on Sunday? What do you think about the drama in the Dominican? Do you think Kris Jenner was “cheating” on Bruce with even the thought of secretly meeting up with Todd Waterman? Do you think she deserved to start out the holiday with a broken toe? Thoughts? Thanks.

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