‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ 2012 Recap: Khloe’s Home, Scott’s in NYC on July 9

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On Keeping Up with the Kardashians for the first of a two-night showing of the E! Entertainment show, more hijinks ensue. So do some serious matters that certain family members must deal with whether they like it or not.

For starters, Khloe is back from Dallas with her husband Lamar Odom which does seem like a good thing overall. However, the reason the two have returned to the fold is because things didn’t work out with Lamar and the Mavericks. In fact, he was released from the Texas team.

So, that means a lot of adjustment as the couple settles back into life with the Kardashian clan near by. Meanwhile, Scott is off to New York City as it’s just about time to open his new restaurant. Rob goes along because, at this point Disick needs someone to watch over him. That’s especially true since Scott has been asked to MC a ‘Sweet 16′ party while he’s on the East Coast.

Back at the ranch, uh, the Kardashian Jenner household in California, Bruce has decided he needs to get more involved with daughters Kendall and Kylie. He doesn’t feel as if they really listen to him as a father and he wants to change that because, of all the kids he has had to raise, these two are the biggest challenges yet–at least in his mind.

In addition, because they can now tool around on their own, he doesn’t have much time to bond with these two beautiful teens. So, when Kendall’s car needs some attention, he’s on it. After all, it’s a manly man’s job to fix a tire, right?

Not exactly. That’s a car shop’s job and so Bruce drops the precious vehicle off for maintenance without telling its owner, Kendall. Not good for either party involved.

Back in the Big Apple, Rob has to intervene when Scott starts to drink prior to the ‘Sweet 16′ event while busting in on someone’s bachelorette party. So, the Kardashian of the two devises a plan whereas when the guys hit the party where Scott is hosting, Rob can call him out on his bad behavior. He comes up with a code word–red eagle–and whenever he says that, Scott has to stop and realize he is not behaving like he should be in front of such young girls.

Needless to say, the words red eagle were uttered by Rob a number of times but the party did come off in a way in which birthday girl Ashna will always remember when she turned sweet 16.

Back in Beverly Hills…well, close to Beverly Hills, Kendall and Kylie tell their dad they know what he did and he admits he did that because he missed his carpooling duties. It’s a bitter sweet situation as the girls finally get their wheels back but they let their dad know how much they love him by requesting that he take them to get their car.

Meanwhile, on Keeping up with the Kardashians, Kim and Kourtney decide to drop by to visit Khloe and Lamar to offer some advice to their sister. Kourtney thinks Khloe is too hard on herself while Kim reminds her sister she is “officially an Odom.”

Khloe doesn’t take this too well, and calls them out on their stuff. She tells Kim that her “system [regarding relationships] hasn’t really worked” and she reminds Kourtney that she and Scott “don’t even sleep in the same room anymore.”

She basically tells them off by saying she’s going to handle her marriage the way she thinks it should be handled.

And so, as the two walk out Khloe Kardashian-Odom’s door, Kim and Kourtney are headed for New York without their sister for Scott’s restaurant opening. Stay tuned for that to happen tonight on Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

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