‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ 2012 Recap: Kris Goes Home Again on August 5

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On Keeping up with the Kardashians this week, Kris Jenner realizes she needs to spend some time with her mom because she has not done that very much in recent history due to her very busy schedule.

She also hasn’t been down to San Diego from Los Angeles (about a two to two-and-a-half hour drive) to see her only living parent because she is very emotional when it comes to her dear mother. The beautiful woman who the Kardashian clan calls MJ is a cancer survivor twice over, having battled the disease in both her breast and her colon. She is quite frail but still has plenty of spunk.

Still, Kris admits, “I tend to push people away that I love the most when I feel like there’s nothing I can do about the situation.”

With that a big factor for what keeps Kris Jenner from visiting MJ, her children push her to realize that she may not have much time left with her mother. So, with that bit of help from her own girls, the whole crew travel to San Diego with 2-year-old Mason in tow to visit the woman who brought Kris Jenner into the world.

Once there, each Kardashian and especially Kris Jenner have fond memories of the house where Kris’s mom lives since this is the home of her great-grandmother. She looks at all the old pictures on the wall and watches Kourtney play with Mason in the courtyard where her own kids used to play.

Reflecting about this on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kris admits, “Seeing Mason running around my mom’s house reminded me of many years ago. I think living in LA lets me put my head in the sand and not deal with the reality of my mom not being a hundred percent.”

This is a sad, but true fact, but Kris has been trying to skip these feelings which ultimately cannot be escaped. When the girls and Mason go out to dinner with Kris, Khloe hands out her typical tough talk about how her mom has not been paying enough attention to her own mom. With Rob trying to console her, Kris cries, admitting it is just too hard to think about life without her parent. Lamar’s wife says that if this is how she feels then she should tell MJ these thoughts and not just keep them to herself as far as her mom is concerned.

With that in mind, Kris and the girls go to the world-famous San Diego Zoo with MJ, a place where Kris celebrated her birthday party nearly half a century ago. After that, the gang go to lunch during which time Kris tells her mom she wants to spend more time with her mother than she has done. Her mom understands how busy Kris Jenner is these days, and says so but Kris tells her mom that doesn’t matter because nobody knows how much time these two have left to be together.

MJ tries to brush off this kind of sappy talk, but is clearly happy that her daughter has decided to see her more often. And Kris is clearly changed, realizing that she needs to see her mom while she can. A pinky swear initiated by MJ seals this deal.

So, that’s what happened on Keeping Up with the Kardashians on August 5 as Kris Jenner went home again to see her mom and to realize how precious her relationship is with the woman who raised her. What do you think? Was this a staged situation or did Kris really feel true emotion regarding her mother and their future together? Thoughts? Thanks.

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