‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ 2012 Recap: Snips and Lifts on September 9

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On Keeping up with the Kardashians this week, there was plenty of talk regarding reproduction and surgery in the form of both snips and lifts, among other actualities—like fertility issues.

For starters, Scott Disick goes to great lengths to consider a vasectomy. This all comes about when Kourtney muses that their home can most likely squeeze in four more children, something that Scott fears as his second child is just about to arrive.

He discusses the idea of getting snipped with his buddies while they are celebrating in Las Vegas. That’s when he says that he doesn’t want so many kids running around at such a young age and that because of Kourtney’s desire for more babies, he admits, “…I may have to snip them.”

Then Scott declares that he is not going to tell Kourtney he is going to go through this permanent process. “I gotta take things into my own hands—no pun intended—and I gotta snip snip where I gotta be snipped,” says Disick to his pals and to which his friends just kind of smile.

Back home, Scott tells his significant other that he is going for a physical. This comes out of the blue, but Kourtney just thinks he is being responsible for once. When Disick gets to the doctor, he says he doesn’t want his partner to know about this little operation, but he does realize that since he’ll be shaved, she may just possibly find out. Scott then calls Rob to tell him what’s up—and Rob tells Disick it is a good idea for him to clue Kourtney in on his plans.

Meanwhile, Kris Jenner is all about getting her breasts redone since she hasn’t had them worked on for more than 20 years. At this point at the age of 56, the Momager feels her boobs are just too big. Luckily for this lady, her plastic surgeon is all too willing to work on them, promising to make her look trimmer than ever when he does take her breasts to another level.

So, the operation day comes, and Kris gets her surgery. After that, Scott and Kim visit during recuperation. The trio talk about a lot of things, like Disick’s alleged “penis reduction” and the idea that Kim should get her hands done because, according to Scott, the sagging process has begun.

The group also talks about the little baby girl that is about to enter the Kardashian-Disick world, and Scott admits he’s a bit nervous. Still, he is glad he will have both a boy and a girl in case there are no other children for this couple. Apparently, that vasectomy matter is still a possible go.

Later, when Kris goes home after her procedure, she asks the whole family to visit and to tempt them to see her new breasts and the stitches that are still in place. Khloe calls her a “weirdo” and says, “They’re like Frankenstein boobs.” She calls Kris’s desire to show off her new surgery a type of possible “molestation.”

Later Kim tells Khloe that she is planning to go to a fertility clinic because she is getting older and may want to freeze her eggs. She asks Khloe if she wants to join her since she and Lamar have not been able to get pregnant. Although this bothers her younger sister, Khloe agrees to join Kim rather than going with her husband so she can get a grip on the news if it is bad. And apparently it is since the doctor tells Khloe she did not ovulate that month and that since this is the case, this may lead to severe complications when it comes to getting pregnant.

All in all, Khloe gets the rawest deal this week on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Next week, during this season’s finale, she’ll have to tell Lamar what happened at the doctors. Meanwhile, Kourtney tells Scott she knows about what he’s been up to so that may lead to some heavy stuff although she’ll give birth to their baby next week, so maybe that will allow Scott to be off the hook for the time being.

In any case, it’s a good idea to tune in to Keeping Up with the Kardashians next Sunday as the show on E! Entertainment Television finishes and the Kardashian clan goes on hiatus, at least from this particular small screen, reality show venture. After all, it’ll be a long time before the whole Kardashian will show up again to entertain on a weekly basis, so get your fill in now if you really want to be in the know. And who doesn’t? (Don’t answer that!)

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