‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ Premiere Recap: Is Khloe Really A Kardashian?

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On the Keeping up with Kardashians premiere, Kris Jenner goes to great lengths to determine whether Khloe is really a Kardashian.

However, Khloe is not part of her mother’s scheme–or at least not at first. She says she doesn’t care. She has told Kris this a number of times but apparently the momager is not taking no for an answer.

So, Kris calls a DNA specialist to find out what to do in order to find out whether Robert Kardashian is Khloe’s true father. The doctor says that since Robert is no longer living, he will need to have all the siblings swabbed to make a more effective diagnosis.

And so, as Keeping with the Kardashians moves forward, Kris Jenner gathers up the girls in her clan (minus Khloe) to ask if they are willing to open their mouths for this very important task.

Kourtney doesn’t want to do this unless Khloe is part of the scheme whereas Kim suggests that even though her sister says she doesn’t want to know the truth, she did call her crying about the situation because the question of paternity had hit the press and now it was all in the open. Or, at least the public knew that nobody was positive about who her daddy actually is.

After a lengthy discussion, the girls finally agree as long as Khloe is in on the whole deal. And so, as if on cue (and probably on cue), the doctor arrives to do his thing.

Later, Kris needs to get Rob’s OK on this, and he thinks it’s hogwash but goes along anyway, especially because, again, the doc is standing by.

And then the hard part: Convincing Khloe that she should go along with this if just to appease her mother. She absolutely will not do it. She doesn’t even make eye contact with her mom when she refuses to go along with the plan. She gets angry in her own Khloe way.

Desperate, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians family matriarch goes out to lunch with Kim to discuss the situation. Her middle Kardashian daughter tells her that maybe it isn’t for Khloe’s sake that Kris wants to know the real truth, but rather her own.

Jenner seems to embrace this idea, and decides to write a letter to Khloe explaining why she wants to know who her father really is, once and for all. She explains in the letter that she loves her very much but that this whole thing has been weighing on her for a very long time and that she is now losing sleep over it.

After reading the letter (but first refusing to do so), Khloe talks to her mom. They make up but Khloe says that she sees Robert Karadashian as her father and Bruce Jenner as her step-father. She just wants to forget the whole thing and at the point–finally–Kris does too, especially when Khloe tells her that, guess what? She’s not a Kardashian now anyway. She’s an Odom. End of story.

Did you watch Keeping with the Kardashians for the premiere on May 20? Do you think Khloe should have found out she is a Kardashian or was she right leave that truth alone? Thoughts? Thanks.

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