Ke$ha and Justin Bieber Share Same Birthday

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Justin Bieber and Ke$ha both are ringing in birthdays Thursday, but one of these pop icons is taking their celebration to the extreme.

Bieber is spending his 18th kicking back with friends and family, while his female counterpart decided to glue metal studs to her head.

That’s correct. The “Blow” songstress tweeted a photo of herself, with an assistant affixing tacky studs to a shaven patch on the left side of her head. She turned a quarter of a century Thursday, so wo why not make a fool of yourself?

The procedure definitely looks painful.

“It’s happening. I look like a homeless clown right now,” she posted along with the Twitpic.

It doesn’t seem like pop music is about the voice, anymore. The focus is on acting outrageously. Whether it’s Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, or Ke$ha, these female pop stars seem to be trying to outdo each other with silly stunts.

It’s entertaining to watch their antics, but couldn’t they focus more developing their singing abilities?

Ke$ha’s Twitter page, coincidentally, passed the three million followers mark Thursday. What an awesome birthday surprise!


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