Ke$ha: “I Knew Everything About Sex Before I Was Even Seven”

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Ke$ha revealed that she knew everything about sex before she was even seven years old. That is awfully young, but seems to be more normal these days as children grow up faster than ever.

The pop star told LondonÂ’s Times, “I knew everything about sex before I was even seven. My mom left me at home when I was 14 with a credit card, and a box of condoms and the keys to the car and said, ‘Don’t get pregnant and don’t drink and drive.’ I had to be responsible for myself.”

That sounds like a pretty tough life, but at least her mom gave her a little advice along with the condoms. It sounds like Ke$ha took that advice to heart as well. ItÂ’s advice that she seems to be giving out to her fans as well. She says sheÂ’s not a babysitter, and doesnÂ’t see any harm in being sexy on her tours because the kids are going to figure all of the sex stuff out anyway.

Although Ke$ha isnÂ’t interested in being anybodyÂ’s role model or babysitter, she certainly has something going for her. She is all over the place these days and appears to be making good money after such a tough start in life. Good for her. She is right – it is up to parents to let their children know about sex. It cetainly isn’t her job.


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