Keira Knightley's Domestic Violence Ad

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There is a new graphic ad out with Keira Knightley as a victim of domestic abuse.  They previewed it this morning on Good Morning, America and it is graphic but I think it makes the point very well as to how serious this topic is.  Unfortunately, there are still a lot of women who get trapped in these situations and are afraid to call for help and afraid not to.  Having grown up in an abusive situation myself, I can understand what these women go through.  Their self-esteem is virtually non-existent and even their sense of self-preservation isn’t there.

Anyway, here is the link to GMA and if you scroll down next to the little TV screen on the page, you will see the link for the Keira Knightly ad.  I highly suggest watching it, especially if you know anyone who might be going through this or if you are yourself.

Keira Knightley Ad

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