Keith Olbermann and Liberals in the Land of Oz

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The first question we must ask: Is Keith Olbermann really a martyr? If he is, since when has the profession of liberal political ideas become a financial and professional liability? Why are only conservatives allowed to broadcast their political ideas on mainstream media? Why can’t liberals play the pop culture game too?

 Conservatives are reaping huge financial rewards from Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, and Glenn Beck. Do you think that had anything to do with this year’s midterm Republican victories? Are liberals even paying attention? Come on people, put down your Sunday New York Times and Chai Tea Lattes and stand up for yourselves!

 Was Olbermann  flagrantly partisan in financially contributing to Democratic candidates? Hell yes he was. But is anyone really surprised by this? It’s not like Olbermann’s politics aren’t clearly evident within five minutes of tuning in to the show. So he financially supported certain candidates. Where is the conflict of interest? The man spends an hour every night, on a national talk show, demonizing the Republican party, praising Democrats, and we’re not supposed to think he’s partisan?

 If Olbermann is fired, or if he resigns in protest, free speech will suffer another whimpering defeat. This is how rights become confiscated in the 21st century. Those that do not profit do not remain, and the public is too preoccupied with the sheer media spectacle to notice anything, let alone stand up in protest.

 So, come on NBC. Show Rupert Murdoch what you’ve really got. Stop hiding behind your passive intellectualism, roll up your sleeves, and get a little dirty. Tell us you’re partisan. After all, you have given us such liberal icons as Tina Fey, Al Franken, and Rachel Maddow. We won’t be surprised. But it sure would be reassuring for all of the unrepentant liberals out there (mostly in San Francisco) to know that we aren’t totally alone, searching for the ethereal elation we felt on election night 2008. (Where did it go anyway?) Be proud to be who you are. The country is not all Republican. Even though Democrats lost a lot of races this year, and John Boehner has more magazine covers than Barack Obama, people still want to hear the other side. We still need a countervoice, because the absence of one produces unchecked propaganda.

 Liberals finally woke up from their post-Obama reverie, and they discovered they were no longer in Oz. That’s the depressing part. But why make the depression even stronger by turning on your own? OK, so we’re no longer in Oz, but there also aren’t any “bad guys” either. The Wicked Witch is really just the lady down the street, and all of the wizard’s bombast and spectacle is really a whole lot of insecurity. Once they realize it, they can let the public in on the joke too, just like in the movie.

 There’s nothing scary there; it just needs to be addressed. NBC should stop turning on its own and let Olbermann be blatantly partisan. His post-election suspension is senseless and contradictory. Liberals need to have a voice too, no matter how politically unpopular it may seem.


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