Keith Olbermann Catches Glenn Beck in a Lie

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Keith Olbermann is gloating privately and publicly as he points fingers at Glenn Beck, after catching him in a lie.

Restoring Honor

CNN reports that Olbermann caught Beck in a lie during his Restoring Honor campaign in Washington, D.C. last weekend.

The lie involves a passage in Glenn Beck’s speech, whereby he told his audience he “held” the inaugural address written by George Washington.

“I went to the National Archives and held the First Inaugural Address written in his own hand by George Washington,” Glenn Beck said.

Keith Olbermann points out that no one is allowed to physically touch any of these documents in the National Archives, but rather can only view them through protective glass.

This moved Olbermann to issue his statement that “his story that he actually got to hold it…is wrong.”


“They Caught Me”

Mediaite claims that while most regard Glenn Beck’s lie as nothing more than a little white version, he has in fact admitted to the faux pas, saying, “once again, they caught me.”

It does seem, however, that at a rally called “Restoring Honor” that there probably shouldn’t be any lies….even tiny little white ones, in the address given by the host of the rally.

What do you think? Did Glenn Beck tell a lie? Is Keith Olbermann overreacting in an effort to stir up the proverbial pot?


Photo Source: Glenn Beck, Keith Olbermann

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