Keith Olbermann: Does Email Tell The Tale?

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Ex Countdown host Keith Olbermann was fired from Al Gore and Joel Hyatt owned Current TV last week. Current attributes the firing to breach of contract but Olbermann says that’s bunk and plans to sue. Accusations have been flying and both are sides are blaming the other. Now an interesting story is out detailing portions of private emails between Olbermann, his staff members, Current TV staff and even a few from ex-veep Al Gore. Together they paint a picture of a troubled upstart network and an egotistical yet justifiably frustrated cable pundit. Conservatives may cheer his departure, but it’s hard not to feel some sympathy for the guy.

Olbermann started broadcasting Countdown from Current’s studios last June. Soon after, his staff was complaining that the show wasn’t getting what was promised. They requested 40 “deficiencies” be dealt with. Basically, they had to beg. They eventually came to the conclusion that the new network was no better than a cable access station. For Olbermann and staff, the frustration had to be at critical levels. Current was also getting its share of frustration. In an article on The Daily Beast, Howard Kurtz wrote, “Gore had dealt with big egos in politics, but he and Hyatt told colleagues they had never dealt with anyone quite like Olbermann.”

By all reports, Olbermann is a heck of a diva. He has butted heads with his ex-bosses from previous networks, ESPN and MSNBC and that behavior seems to have continued at Current. How did he end up having such a poor attitude? It’s reported that he went through eight car services while at Current. Why? The drivers ‘smelled’ or talked to him! Even with the faulty behavior, promises had been made. When he got to his wit’s end and emailed Al Gore about his troubles at Current, he was politely referred to Hyatt or someone else. Will all of this turmoil really end up in court? Probably. Where will Olbermann go next? Wherever it is, he should probably leave his ego at the door!

For more Keith Olbermann/Current TV email info, click HERE.

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