Keith Olbermann fired! It’s about time!

Keith Olbermann fired! That’s the news. Who fired him? None other than Al Gore and Joel Hyatt who are the heads of Current TV. Al Gore and Joel Hyatt allegedly fired the liberal star for some nonsense about him not being curteous or something like that. Allegedly Keith Olbermann fired because he missed a lot days, and took some vacation. In short, he acted like a god, and he got kicked in the butt for it.

In reality, he was losing good old Al Gore and Joel Hyatt money! Why? Nobody wants to hear the liberal dribble, and Al Gore is not a liberal as much as he is a capitalist! Money, money makes the world go round, and Keith Olbermann obviously wasn’t doing it right.

So goodbye Keith Olbermann. Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh must be laughing their right wings heads off. Good bye and good riddance to Keith Olbermann! MSNBC dumped Keith Olbermann, so why not Current TV?

Check out the link for Keith Olberman’s rant over his firing. It’s too funny and we conservatives should hide our joy, not!



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