Keith Urban: Nicole Kidman is his Drug – Kidman staged an Intervention for his Cocaine and Alcohol Addiction

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Keith Urban loves Nicole Kidman like a drug. It’s not because Kidman is Urban’s wife, it’s because  the actress staged an intervention for the country singer to end his cocaine and alcohol addiction. He was sent to rehab just four months after getting married.

Keith Urban Poster Plaid Shirt SingingMarriage is for better or for worse and Nicole Kidman has proven she is there for Keith Urban through thick or thin. Apparently, Urban’s addition to cocaine and alcohol didn’t cause an adverse reaction in wife Kidman. Instead, she helped him through his ordeal and stood by his side all the way.

It’s certain that Kidman probably visited Urban many times while he was in rehab. No one can argue that Kidman has done a lot for Urban and she continues to show him how supportive she can be. Not only that but Kidman is also balancing a day job as an actress. Her latest film is “Rabbit Hole.”

What do you think about the marriage of Kidman and Urban? Are they destined to beat out the odds and stay a married couple ten years down the line? Share your thoughts and join in the discussion.

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