Kellan Lutz, Ashley Greene Sign On for “Twilight” Sequel (PHOTOS)

UPDATE: Kellan Lutz, Elizabeth Reaser and Nikki Reed have reached an accord with Twilight studio Summit Entertainment, with Ashley Greene and Jackson Rathbone close behind, for the raises they were seeking to make the final movie(s), Breaking Dawn. Published reports say they’ll be making around $1.5 million each for the sequel(s).

The New York Post quoted a source as saying: “The studio realized how valuable Ashley and Kellan are to the franchise and did what they needed to do to keep them.”

“It would really break my heart if they were replaced, but it could happen,” Catherine Hardwicke, director of the first film and the woman responsible for casting the pair, tells People magazine. “Things could turn ugly quickly.”

Hardwicke — given the boot herself after the first film — points to the example of Rachelle Lefevre, whose scheduling and salary discussions ended when she was summarily replaced by Bryce Dallas Howard. “A lot of stuff can get mishandled and misunderstood,” Hardwicke says. “That is what happened with Rachelle Lafevre.”

As for whether Lutz and Greene deserve more money — they’re each seeking somewhere in the neighborhood of $1.5 million to make the final film(s), Breaking Dawn — Hardwicke says, “Probably they do deserve more money, on one level,” Hardwicke says. “It is very complicated. Oh my, it is such a mess. I really hope they can sort it out because it would be a shame to lose any actors.”

“Oh my”?

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