Kellan Lutz Shirtless for Dylan George’s Abbot + Main Ad (Photo)

Kellan Lutz can be seen shirtless in the new ad for Dylan George’s Abbot + Main! If anything, Lutz has proven that Taylor Lautner isn’t the only Twilight hunk who can make women and some men swoon when he goes shirtless!

In the photo, Kellan is seen stretched out on a bed with his delicious cut abs in full display. His gray hoodie is unzipped and yeah, totally shirtless! Lutz is also wearing a pair of dark hip hugging pants. Needless to say, many people have just done a serious deep inhale and exhale. It must be hard to breathe with all the hotness streaming forth from the computer screen!

Kellan Lutz’s hair is darker but it’s still him and he is still gorgeous! Oh yeah, he is promoting Abbot + Main’s “diffusion line of T-shirts and hooded sweatshirts, which he co-designed.” Ah, a man of many talents! Now that is extra hot!

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