Kellie Pickler Joins ‘90210’ as Guest Star

Kellie Pickler will be guest starring on 90210 as a singer. Shocking! Yes, Pickler will be playing a country singer named Sally who also happens to be Justin Deeley’s character, Austin’s cousin.

Actually, it’s a smart move for the American Idol alumna because singers who take on huge and drastic roles during their transition into acting often fail. A small role about something that is relatable is much better than if Pickler chose to play a strung out emotional druggie.

Speaking about her upcoming role, Kellie said, “My zip code growing up was a long way from 90210 so it will definitely be acting. I’m really excited and a little bit nervous about it, but will be a fun and unique place to perform ‘Tough.'”

So, what was Kellie Pickler’s original zip code? It was one of Albemarle, NC’s. Yeah, Beverly Hills, CA is quite far from small town Albemarle. However, Kellie Pickler has come a long way and now one can only hope her success as she goes from singer to actress.

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