Kelly Bensimon Furious With Bravo Airing Her Mental Breakdown Again

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Kelly Bensimon was fired from The Real Housewives of New York last season because producers felt she needed to shake things up a bit. Kelly made herself known at the end of season three, when she had her mental breakdown on the islands of St. John. It is still unclear to this day what exactly happened to her; she claims she had a breakthrough, while Bethenny, Ramona, Alex and Sonja believes she had a serious meltdown.

Since the fifth season of The Real Housewives of New York is about to start airing, Bravo is doing some reruns of the previous seasons. But Kelly isn’t too happy that Bravo is continuously showing her breakdown. When she saw the episode on television, she decided to tweet Bravo and Andy Cohen about airing her breakdown when people don’t know the truth about what happened. “Oh my god @bravoandy I did my job on #rhony, your fans need to be told the truth about ‘scary island’ if you are putting it on repeat,” Kelly Bensimon wrote last night. While she did have some supporters, most of them blasted her for attacking Bravo. No one forced her to go on the trip, which is what she wants people to believe.

“Are you alleging it was all for show that it was set up / or scripted,” one fan asked her while another challenged Kelly for being ‘authentic.’ It sounds like people don’t believe that she was paid to go crazy. In fact, they believe that she is crazy and had a breakdown. She just isn’t admitting to it. Kelly followed up her tweet to Bravo with another tweet, talking about toxic relationships. “Toxic people / relationships can create stress / can push you to the breaking point, hurting your success. Kill them with kindness / stay away,” she wrote.

Is Kelly hinting that Bravo is toxic for her? Is she saying that she doesn’t want the women or Bravo in her life because they are all toxic?

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