Kelly Osbourne Cried After First Bikini Shoot: Naked for Playboy Next?

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Fresh from a bikini photo shoot, Kelly Osbourne is on an internal high. Kelly Osbourne’s bikini photo shoot was done for “Shape” magazine and she was left crying over how beautiful she looked in the photo.

FierceThe question now is what’s next for Kelly Osbourne now that she is slim and fit? Could a nude Playboy photo shoot be next? There’s no confirmation from Kelly about whether or not she will do a nude photo shoot but a few years ago, Osbourne did express interest in bearing all for Playboy.’s Matt Clark states that upon looking at her bikini photo for “Shape” magazine, Kelly Osbourne wept. Osbourne said,I cried when I saw the picture. Everyone that was there, we all just burst into tears. It was a thrilling experience. I have never worn a bikini in my life before yesterday. I never even thought of wearing one!”

Kelly Osbourne also said that she had a daily exercise routine which lasted about half an hour and involved walking on her treadmill. Kelly Osbourne just recently broke up with her fiancé, Luke Worrall . In a recent interview, Osbourne admitted that she was still in the process of getting over her breakup. Hopefully exercising and maintaining a healthy lifestyle has helped Kelly Osbourne to move on from her break up. She will most likely wear more bikinis from now on.

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