Kelly Osbourne Does Damage Control For Miley Cyrus Via Twitter

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Miley Cyrus seems to have a knack for making her birthday’s epic, but not in a good way. Last year, video surfaced of a newly turned 18-year-old Cyrus smoking from a bong. Unable to deny the obvious footage, it was immediately reported that rather than the illegal substance marijuana, the bong contained the very legal (in the state of California) substance Salvia.

Fast forward to her 19th birthday bash. After seeing her Bob Marley birthday cake, Miley made a comment about smoking too much weed. Seeing the damage that this slip up could have, pal Kelly Osbourne has taken to Twitter to defend the singer all day. Osbourne tweeted:

“u guys if is not recording/filming/touring she is works everyday how could she possible do all that if she was a stoner!

After that tweet gained a lot of attention, Osbourne followed it up by saying:

“oh for god sake are we really still talking about this what i meant by the tweet is everyone would know you cant hide being wasted!”

Osbourne also responded to some followers who were tweeting what seemed to be not so nice things to her!

why are you being so mean to me you don’t even know me or miley!”

darling little girl if she ever saw what you tweeted me she would be ashamed to have you as a fan she does not tolerate meanness”

Kelly Osbourne really seems to be taking this whole matter very personally, but why? Sure, she and Miley are good friends, but considering that Miley (nor her reps) have even responded to the comments, it seems odd that Osbourne is taking such offense.

Perhaps Osbourne is really just looking out for her pal? It is no secret that Osbourne has had her fair share of addiction problems and could be upset that so many people are attacking Cyrus over what was meant to be a harmless joke.

Do you think it’s a good idea for Kelly Osbourne to be jumping on the offense for Miley Cyrus?

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