Kelly Osbourne Hates on Dannii Minogue – Twitter Feud Heats Up Over Sharon and ‘My Story’

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Kelly Osbourne has been using Twitter to slam X-Factor judge Dannii Minogue. Osbourne accused Dannii Minogue, sister of Kylie Minogue, of telling lies about mom Sharon Osbourne in Minogue’s memoir My Story. Apparently, Kelly Osbourne said that Dannii Minogue trashed Sharon when Minogue wrote about her time at X-Factor.

According to The Hollywood Gossip, Kelly Osbourne believes Danni Minogue’s memories of X-Factor and the way Sharon Osbourne had treated her were false. As if Kelly Osbourne can tell, right? Even if she wasn’t there in person to witness the exchange between Sharon and Minogue, as a daughter, young Osbourne seems to knows how old Osbourne’s attitude was like.

According to Entertainment Online, Dannii Minogue wrote about Sharon Osbourne and how Sharon had bullied her to tears. Minogue wrote:

“(Sharon) demanded to know why I hadn’t gone to the press to tell them what a nice person [she] was.” That sort of pushing had caused Minogue stress. Even though Kelly Osbourne agreed that mom Sharon didn’t play her cards right when it came on Dannii, young Osbourne still believes Minogue is the “devil.”

Here’s what Kelly Osbourne tweeted in response to Dannii Minogue’s statements about mom Sharon:

  • “dannii you are so lucky i respect Simon enough to not tell the truth about what happened. wa wa wa you poor middle aged victum [sic]”
  • “to the 12 dannii fans out there i ask you this question what would you do if someone wrote a book of lies about your mother?”
  • “i think you all forget i was there i saw everything and if my mum was the “bully” why was she the one the left the show?”
  • “sorry i have just had to deal with this bulls–t 4 years and i have kept my mouth shut but i am sick of her lies enough is enough

The tweets are quite terrible but since people are free to speak their mind, it’s certain Kelly Osbourne is taking full advantage of that right. So, what do you think about this Twitter feud? Is Kelly Osbourne’s behavior excusable?

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