Kelly Osbourne Putting Off Surgery Until “Crippled” by Feet

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Kelly Osbourne is putting off foot surgery. The blunt young starlet states that she’d rather wait to undergo the surgery once she becomes “a cripple.” Kelly made her surprising announcement to E! Why did she change her mind? Well, for a rocker chick who isn’t afraid of getting multiple tattoos, states it was the fear of the operation which caused her to do a 180.

Osbourne is in need of surgery to fix the on-going problems with her feet but once she realized what the surgery required, she quickly decided to put it off instead. Speaking about ordeal, Kelly said, “I’m putting it off until I become a cripple. There’s no way I could it. They’re going to break four bones in my feet and some ligaments. When I saw what was actually involved, I was like, No! It hurts but I’m not going to do it. I’ll just put up with it until I can’t put up with it anymore.”

Well, with any luck, Osbourne will change her mind again and undergo the surgery. Putting it off could possibly only cause her more problems in the future. When it comes to these sorts of required surgeries, it really is best just to suck it up and get it over with. Kelly Osbourne’s new rocking body won’t be so rocking if she’s “a cripple.”

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