Kelly Osbourne Responds to Miley Cyrus, Calls Fans ‘Idiots’

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Oh no she didn’t! Did Kelly Osbourne just call fans “stupid” and “simple minded idiots” in response to a tweet from Miley Cyrus? Was there something lost in 140 characters or less, or did Kelly just side with Miley and diss a fan?

Kelly Osbourne 2009Earlier Saturday evening (July 16) Miley Cyrus complained about a fan playing either her music, or her father’s music on a jukebox at a restaurant that she was at with her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth. She asked Osbourne if she dealt with the same thing when Ozzy’s music is played.

Before receiving a response from Kelly, Miley tweeted (and quickly deleted) a complaint about the fan that was playing HER music, and interrupting HER night.

Finally, Kelly Osbourne got back to Miley. Instead of damage control, Osbourne blamed it on the fan that paid money to play a song on a jukebox. The first Twitter response was rather tame in a “please don’t play my song for me” way:

@MileyCyrus but i get what you mean it’s really annoying to watch people think they are being funny when they are clearly not! (sic)

That would have been well enough, but then Kelly Osbourne exacerbated the situation by calling any fan that plays an artist’s music, when the artist is in the room, stupid. Here’s the tweet:

@MileyCyrus be proud & just smile because its just stupid people thinking they are funny when they r just simple minded idiots! w/ no life! (sic)

News flash for Kelly Osbourne… those “stupid people” who are “simple minded idiots” paid money to play that song. They are also the same people that buy your CDs, download your tracks, and buy your concert tickets. In other words, keep biting the hand that feeds you. If you bite it hard enough, you might actually go hungry!

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