Kelly Osbourne Strips For Pussycat Dolls During First Week of Production for First Film

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Kelly Osbourne decided to show her new skinny body earlier this week as she took to the age to strip with The Pussycat Dolls in a LA club on Wednesday night. The star hadn’t danced on stage since she took part of “Dancing with the Stars.” However, the dancing asked of her for this stage performance was far from the dancing asked of her during that reality competition series.

Performing alongside Carmen Electra, the performance was a part of a documentary currently being filmed titled “Sunset Strip.” That isn’t all Kelly Osbourne is set to do on screen in the near future. She is also set to make her major film debut. The first week of production on the comedy “Should Have Been Romeo” has just wrapped, and in the film Kelly plays a crazy groupie named Nicole.

During her first week of filming for the big screen, she had her first big embarrassment as well as she had to dry hump Paul Ben Victor, a co-star in the film. Sounds like she is jumping right into things!

Osbourne last appeared in cameo role in Austin Powers’ Goldmember back in 2002. Video of Kelly Osbourne’s Pussycat Dolls performance on Wednesday night at The Viper Room in Los Angeles has now hit. You can check that out here. What do you think? Is Kelly Osbourne ready for the big screen? For the latest in movie news, go here.

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