Kelly Osbourne to Come Out With Clothing Line – Will You Wear It?

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Kelly Osbourne has always had a unique fashion style. Often she’s mixing and matching styles and prints and seems to have an affinity for polka dots. Now, Kelly’s style could be your style.

Kelly is about to be in talks to start up her own fashion line. According to a report by, Kelly will be meeting soon to talk about her upcoming clothing line.

Kelly Osbourne during SPIKE TV's SCREAM 2010, held at the Greek Theatre, on October 16, 2010, in Los Angeles. Photo: Michael Germana Star Max Photo via Newscom

I have a meeting about it [a clothing line] on my birthday which is very exciting. I’m going to design for an already made line and then once I get enough experience and know what I’m doing I’ll go my own independent one.

It really is a long process and I want to do it the right way. It’s not something I’m running into. I don’t want to jump into something and not be able to swim.

Kelly’s attitude is to be admired. She seems like she’s willing to take it slow to assure she can back the quality and the line fully. So many other stars have rushed through that process in order to get the product out and into the consumer’s hands.

We also think that her signing on to an existing line is a great way to get a feel for things. What works, what doesn’t and decide what she wants for her own line when it’s time to travel down that road.

It seems that Kelly’s done some growing lately and she’s finding her own niche. Kudos to her for that. Also, she should get props for getting out from famous dad Ozzy’s coattails to do her own thing. That alone takes a great deal of effort and bravery to do.

According to the reports, the clothing line may be out within the next year.

Do you think you’d like to pick up some of her clothing line? What do you think we’ll be seeing when it hits the shelves?

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