Kelly Osbourne Tries to ‘Rectify Situation’ Over Nasty Transgender Comments

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If Kelly Osbourne wants to be more like Victoria Beckham, perhaps she could start by stopping running her mouth and saying nasty things in magazine interviews. After an interview surfaced about her saying some not so nice things about her ex cheating on her with a transgender individual, now Kelly is trying to deal with damage control.

Kelly tweeted about her situation after word got around about her Glamour Magazine UK interview which included some pretty stark commentary about her ex-fiancé Luke Wardell. Kelly tweeted today:

just want to let everyone know that i am talking with the people @glaad i will do anything i can to rectify this awful situation!

For those not in the know, GLAAD is an organization that as their Twitter page says is a “voice of the LGBT community [while holding] the media accountable for the words and images they present.”

Ok, so Kelly Osbourne is talking with the people at GLAAD. So what, she already slammed her ex for having an affair with a model Elle Schneider as she was awaiting gender reassignment surgery. The interview is already printed. She already said it. It is not possible to take back nasty comments that have people enraged.

So, for Kelly Osbourne, who just celebrated her six years of sobriety, perhaps she should just be humble here and just shut-up. That might be a step closer to becoming a little more like Victoria Beckham!

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