Kelly Ripa and Regis Philbin Are No Longer BFFs

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Oh no! Say it ain’t so. For years Kelly Ripa and Regis Philbin sat side by side on their popular morning talk show, Live. They laughed together, cried together, and drank coffee together. This was a relationship that was made to go on forever and ever. But what happened?

According to OMG! Kelly says that she hasn’t spoken to or has seen her good buddy Rege since he left their talk show back in November of 2011. That’s a year and a half! Did Regis move to Siberia? Was he kidnapped and did his wife, Joy, forget to pay the ransom? Maybe he ran off to live with his good pal David Letterman. Could it be that Ripa’s new co-host, Michael Strahan, is now her new BFF?

On Wednesday Kelly and Michael were honored by The Hollywood Reporter for making its annual 35 Most Powerful People in Media list. When the publication asked about her relationship with the 81-year-old Philbin Ripa said, “I haven’t seen him.” Whoa!

Kelly said that both Michael and Rege are very similar. They’re “both incredible storytellers. They are both fiercely competitive, and they’re both incredible football players.” That might be true, Kelly, but football fans will most likely say a little prayer for Regis if he and Strahan played against each other.

Hey, there’s no need to cry that the two former BFFs haven’t spoken in well over a year. Kelly has her new friend, Michael, and Regis recently announced that he’ll soon be hosting a talk show for FOX Sports 1 called Rush Hour. He’ll be talking with sport professionals, celebrity guests, and fans. Who needs Kelly Ripa? Certainly not Regis.

Just remember one thing, Rege: Stay away from those perky, constantly smiling, cheery women. They’ll break your heart every time.

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