Kelly Ripa Makes Cameo Appearance on ‘Jerseylicious’

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Kelly Ripa has cheated on Regis Philbin–at least in terms of the TV show they do together. She has been filmed making a cameo appearance on–of all shows–Jerseylicious.

According to, lots of people were floored that Ripa opted to make a guest appearance on Jerseylicious. It just seems so incredibly not her style. Can you imagine what Regis will have to say on Live With Regis and Kelly about this?

Could it be that Jerseylicious offered Kelly Ripa an insane amount of money to do the cameo? She’s not really the Jerseylicious type. Or is it maybe because she actually hails from New Jersey and is simply paying homage to her state of origin?

Either way it will be fun–and likely pretty funny, too–to see Kelly Ripa is this short but sweet role. You can check out a preview in this clip, but will have to wait until this fall to see the real deal.

In the meantime, stand by, because there is no way Regis Philbin will let this go without a barrage of jokes, humorous insults and probably even some interesting costumes, wigs and the like. He will definitely make Kelly Ripa pay (in the most loving way, of course–true Regis style) for making this cameo appearance on Jerseylicious.

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