Kelly Ripa on Crutches Due to Stress Fracture, Regis Philbin Requires Stitches

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When Kelly Ripa arrived on crutches, the audience of Live with Regis and Kelly were shocked! Even ol’ Philbin had to help Ripa to her seat. Kelly revealed she had suffered a KELLY RIPA 20X24 COLOR PHOTOstress fracture which would require her to rest and relax. That should be a really nice change of pace for the perky blonde who always seems busy.

Speaking about why she was on crutches, Kelly Ripa said, “First of all, it looks much worse than it is… It’ll heal by itself… I don’t need to have anything special done. I just have to sit down. Suddenly, I noticed I had ‘time’ … It’s nice to just sort of have nothing to do except watch my stories.”

Kelly Ripa was in the midst of discussing her crutches when Regis Philbin piped up about his own recent injury. Apparently, Regis had cut his hand with a box cutter and he required a few stitches. The two talk show hosts seem to be doing fine now so we needed worry about them. Their injuries were not serious but did make for a good TV discussion. Watch the footage below to see Ripa on crutches and Philbin’s stitches.

Since Kelly Ripa is a runner, having to just rest is really different for her but hopefully, she will be able to take this time and spend it with her family. There’s nothing better than being with one’s children and not having to worry about work, exercise or any other distractions.


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