Kelly Ripa on Crutches: Stress Fracture Means No Exercise!

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Kelly Ripa, exercise queen, is on crutches and has been told to sit! And stay! No, she isn’t enrolled in dog obedience classes. Kelly Ripa, co-star of “Live with Regis and Kelly” alongside Regis Philbin, has a stress fracture of the femoral neck of her right hip, says, reporting on Monday’s show. She arrived at the show on crutches—and high heels. Wouldn’t her fans have forgiven her an appearance in sneakers?  Apparently Kelly thought not. No surgery is required, but doctors say she must not exercise for three to six weeks.

Kelly Ripa Injury?

Kelly Ripa on her crutches as she makes her way to a SUV that drives her to work after visiting a doctor. The 'Live! with Regis and Kelly' star is reportedly under doctors orders to take no exercise for 3-6 weeks after the discovery of a stress fracture in the femural neck of her right hip. Photograph: Wagner Az,

“I was like, what? There must be a mistake!” Ripa said on the show. And how did Kelly Ripa get such a painful  injury? Was there an automobile accident? A fall on the ice? No, she has just been experiencing pain, so she went to a doctor to check it out. She thought it was a torn muscle, but the MRI told the tale. The “why” is up for speculation. Could it be she just exercises too much? She runs regularly in Central Park, Ripa says, and she has been spokesperson for exercise equipment. No question she is in shape, but is this too much of a good thing?

Kelly Ripa, Thinner and Thinner

Regular watchers of the “Live with Regis and Kelly” show have noticed: Kelly Ripa is really, really thin. Thin is good, but wasting away is not. Maybe, Kelly, no exercise as a break in your normal routine will be a healthful change.

Kelly Ripa Upstaged?

Meanwhile, she joked that Regis was trying to upstage her crutches, with fresh stiches in his hand. He accidentally cut himself with a boxcutter over the weekend, reports the Huffington Post, slicing open a package. Since Philbin is on blood thinners for other health reasons, bleeding can be serious, and he wound up in the ER. Watch it, you two!  Yours is not a doctor show.

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