Kelly Ripa On Crutches: Talk Show Host Talks On Air About Stress Fracture

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Kelly Ripa is an injured woman currently. The talk show walked out onto the set of the talk show she hosts with Regis Philbin, Live with Regis & Kelly, on crutches earlier this week. Apparently, the woman discovered she had a stress fracture on her hip after she visited Philbin’s doctor. Before that visit, she just knew she had some pain in that area.

48272, NEW YORK, NEW YORK- Monday December 6 2010. Kelly Ripa struggles on her crutches as she makes her way to a SUV that drives her to work after visiting a doctor. The 'Live! with Regis and Kelly' star is reportedly under doctors orders to take no exercise for 3-6 weeks after the discovery of a stress fracture in the femural neck of her right hip. Photograph: Wagner Az,

Kelly Ripa explained the injury as the following: “So that means no exercise for three to six weeks. Right away I was like, ‘What?! There must be a mistake!’ It’ll heal by itself. I don’t need any surgery, thank God. I don’t need to have anything special done. I just have to sit down. Suddenly, I noticed I had ‘time’ … It’s nice to just sort of have nothing to do except watch my stories.”

Sitting down does seem to be a part of her problem. Even on the talk show, she doesn’t know how to sit perfectly still much. She is hyper and animated, and that is truly a part of her charm. Her bubbly personality is what have people tune in to watch. She has made fans because she is so cheerful. Not much seems to get to her.

She is also very active. She has talked about her work out regimen before on the talk show, and she is an avid runner. Not being able to work out at all and being forced to rest will be a challenge for her, but she is being forced to take it easy. It won’t stop her from her duties with the talk show though. It would take her being bed ridden to do that. Best of luck to her on a quick recovery! Go here for the latest in entertainment news and gossip.

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