Kelly Rowland Mole Is Becoming Internet Sensation

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Kelly Rowland is in the middle of a mole controversy. The X-Factor UK judge seems to have a mole (or beauty mark as it is often called) that moves around and appears on different areas of her face at different times. How can that be possible?

Fans began to notice that Kelly’s mole was on the left, then the right, then up high, then down low. They got curious and now the mole has its own Twitter page.

In May, the mole made its appearance on the former Destiny’s Child singer’s left cheek. In June, it was photographed near her right eye. By July the mole had found a new home on her right cheek. And so on.

The movements of Kelly Rowland’s mole have fascinated fans and viewers of X-Factor. But, the question is: Why does her mole keep moving around?

The only plausible answer is that it is a fake mole, placed on during make-up application. Because everyone knows that a real mole can’t just appear and disappear constantly. Right?

Are you keeping an eye on Kelly Rowland and her moving mole? What do you think is the cause for its erratic behaviour?

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