Kelsey Grammer Dumped Wife Camille by Phone; Mutual Friend Tips Her First

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Camille Grammer, future ex-wife of TV star Kelsey Grammer, is telling the world:  back in June her husband let her know, “I don’t want to be married any more” – only after she called him first. Four times.

NEW YORK - APRIL 18: Camille Donatacci Grammer and husband/actor Kelsey Grammer attends the after party for the opening of 'La Cage Aux Folles' on Broadway at Providence on April 18, 2010 in New York City. (Photo by Charles Eshelman/Getty Images)

Camille, 42 and a celeb in her own right as a former Playboy model and one of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, learned from a mutual friend that Kelsey was living-it-up in New York. They have been married 14 years and have two small children.

She called to check in, but couldn’t get him, so she texted. No answer. She texted again. After two calls and two texts, she got the truth from his own lips – via the air waves. Her husband was leaving her. For a pregnant girlfriend, as it turned out(who later lost the child.) People magazine identifies the “other woman” as Kayte Walsh, 29, who works as a flight attendant.

Ironically, all that flying may have contributed to the problem. He was doing a play in the Big Apple – La Cage Aux  Folles – while she made like a “real” (TV) housewife in California.

Probably this is a new low for modern technology. Whatever happened to looking a person in the eye as you deliver a telling blow? When she started to cry, Earth Times reports, he said, ”Oh, grow up.” Whatever happened to common decency?  Kelsey, your characters had more class, even at their worst.

Camille is “excited about [her] future,” reports TheCelebrityCafé.com. Good luck and happier texting.

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