Kelsey Smith and Collin Varallo Share Fun Times Together

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Ever since Kelsey Smith and Collin Varallo fell in love on Sweet Home Alabama their fans have been wanting more updates on the happy couple. They are sharing on social networks and these two are still together and going strong. It looks like they have been able to make their love last.

They actually just went to the circus together according to Twitter. The picture simply shows them in the stands after the show, but they are very close and both smiling. It appears that this couple is very happy together. Collin has also shared a few other pictures and they always look happy.

So far Kelsey Smith and Collin Varallo have not told fans much about their relationship since the show ended. They are still together and doing well obviously, but it is unknown if they are living together or what step their relationship is in right now. Hopefully they can find a way to make it work now that they are out in the real world together.

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