Kelsie Schelling Update: Has Boyfriend Taken Polygraph Test?

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Colorado woman Kelsie Schelling still hasn’t been found, but some recent events that took place on the official Facebook page dedicated to finding her reveal some possible conflicts between her family and the family of her boyfriend. Donthe Lucas has been jailed for a few weeks over charges unrelated to his girlfriend’s disappearance, though the rumor mill has produced a slew of theories regarding his possible involvement — all unconfirmed by law enforcement. Still, Kelsie’s mom took to Facebook on Sunday and made a plea to Donthe’s mom.

“If you care about Kelsie and want her to come home, please help our family by taking your son to speak with the Pueblo Police Detectives as you have been asked to do. By not doing so, you are impeding the investigation of finding Kelsie and bringing her home. Your cooperation in this matter would be greatly appreciated.” read the post by Kelsie’s mother Laura Saxton.

The post has already been shared at least 60 times and has accrued over 290 comments — some of them from the family members of Kelsie Schelling’s boyfriend. It seems as though those who are seeking Kelsie Schelling are demanding that Donthe Lucas take a polygraph test to clear his name in her disappearance.

So that’s a valid question: Has he taken a polygraph?

His loved ones claim that he has been cooperative, but those on the side of Kelsie’s loved ones claim otherwise. This all-in-all indicates that her loved ones might believe he had something to do with her disappearance. At any rate, he shouldn’t be too difficult to investigate seeing as though he’s behind bars.

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