Ken Doll from Mattel Turns 50-Years-Old

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Mattel’s Ken doll is about to turn 50-years-old, and he looks pretty good for his age! In fact, not a whole lot has changed about Ken since he was born on March 11, 1961. By the way, Ken Carson is the full name of Barbie’s on again, off again boyfriend.

The original Ken was a half inch taller than Barbie, and was the perfect boyfriend with his short hair, pale skin, and skinny frame! When Ken was a newbie on the scene he cost $3.50, but now he cost about $5.50 for a basic doll, or around $20 for a fancy Ken! Of course the original Ken was for girls to use in their make believe boy crazy dream world, but much of that diminished several years back when girls moved on to more important things than boys!

Was the Ken Doll replaced by computers, iPods and Playstation3s among kids? At any rate, Ken has been attempting a comeback, and is desperately trying to win back the affection of his true love, Barbie, as well as the hearts of young girls everywhere! This could be a hard task considering most girls have moved on to Edward, Bella, and Jacob dolls from Twilight!

Hopefully Ken can stick it out and prevail over the temporary trends to end up back in the limelight!

Did you own a Ken doll growing up? If so, do you still have him now? What do you think about Ken turning 50-years-old this year?

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