Kendall Jenner and Joe Jonas ‘Lost’ and ‘Going Crazy’

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Both Kendall Jenner and Joe Jonas seemed equally lost on Saturday. Why would both the Jonas Brother and the reality television star share utter confusion. The photo editing and sharing app Instagram was down.

First Kendall exclaimed her displeasure in the wee hours of Saturday morning. Kendall Jenner tweeted, “im lost without instagram :(” Of course, not only is Kendall lost without her Instagram, but it looks like the photo editing website being down has cost her the ability to use an apostrophe.

Following Kendall Jenner’s lead was Jonas. Only a few hours later he chimed in with a Chicken Little “The sky is falling” type tweet. Joe Jonas tweeted, “Oh no.. The world is going crazy.. Instagram is down..”

Okay, it is pretty funny that the two seemed so crushed that one photo editing app was down. Certainly life hasn’t come to this point where celebrities (and others) can hardly function when something like Instagram is down. Can’t they just post regular, unedited photos to Facebook and Twitter like the rest of the world?

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