Kendall Jenner: ‘Bye, Bye Birdie” and Revealing Retweets

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Kendall Jenner may be spending New Year’s day watching a little movie-musical known as ‘Bye, Bye Birdie,” but it is a retweet that may actually be more revealing. Does Kendall not feel loved? Is she lonely?

Kendall Jenner retweeted the following from singer-songwriter ‘Milk,’ who made this poignant tweet:

Is this retweet somehow autobiographical? It is not difficult to believe that Kendall (and Kylie) feel completely left out when it comes to all the attention. Being a Kardashian is a 24-7-365 job, and so mom Kris Jenner clearly doesn’t spend every waking minute with her teenage daughter. Goodness, there is a brand to keep growing.

Maybe this is Kendall just being a teenager…or perhaps she is just bored. It is the holiday season and she was just given a brand new puppy. She certainly is getting love from her new pet… and maybe more attention than what she is getting from the rest of the family. Still, when a teenager tweets something like this:

…one has to believe that maybe the puppy just wasn’t enough to keep the teenage daughter entertained while the older sisters (e.g., Kim Kardashian) is out making $600,000 just to show up on New Year’s Eve.

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