Kendall Jenner Celebrates 17th Birthday in Style

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Kendall Jenner just celebrated her 17th birthday and many fans are shocked at how much they did for the big day. According to Radar Online, Kendall took a private helicopter to her own private island. That is a pretty good birthday. Since she was working, it easy to just celebrate her birthday in Australia.

Kendall is working as usual. She does a lot of modeling jobs and all week has been in Sydney working hard alongside her mom Kris Jenner. The rest of the family was nowhere around for the big week of work and birthday celebration. It is a bit surprising they didn’t fly them all down and make a big show out of it.

Kendall posted pictures of herself outside of the helicopter and also in the pilots seat. She showed off her skinny body in a bikini while celebrating on her own private island. She is wearing a hat and sunglasses to protect herself from the sun.

This is a lot of money spent for a 17th birthday. People in the United States are dealing with tragedy from Hurricane Sandy and this money could have been spent a lot of better things at this time, but that is never the priority for the Kardashian family.

Hopefully Kendall Jenner enjoyed her birthday this year. Last year she had a huge 16th birthday bash and her 18th will probably be even bigger. Do you think that they took it too far for her birthday? Sound off in the comments.

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