Kendall Jenner Getting Tired of Fame And Fortune?

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Kendall Jenner may be the younger daughter to Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian, but she wants to be known as her own person. However, being in the same family as three sisters who share everything with the world can be difficult because Kendall can’t have her own private life, as she is on the family’s television show, “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” If that wasn’t enough, Kendall has been the target of several hoaxes, since Kendall and Kylie were accused of being depressed and used by their mother for fame and money.

According to a new US Weekly report released on April 3, Kendall Jenner is now revealing that she does wish sometimes that she can just be a regular person.”The show brought us everything we have, and I realize that, but sometimes I just want to be left alone and be a normal kid for like five minutes,” Jenner has revealed to Cosmopolitan in an exclusive interview. “That’s tough when the paparazzi are chasing you.” Of course, pictures of Kendall have surfaced over the last couple of weeks as she has been caught texting and driving once again after almost hitting someone on the road. So, since Kendall wants a break, is she doing the supposed spin-off with her sister Kylie about their lives?

“That’s not happening,” Kendall reveals of a potential spin-off about her modeling career with her sister Kylie. “Modeling is my number one priority — one hundred percent.” It sounds like Kendall just wants to model and won’t be sharing too much of her life other than on the show. Do you respect her decision?

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