Kendall Jenner Hides Behind Massive Animal on Her Way Home to La La Land

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Kendall Jenner is now home from Australia but it seems like the reality TV star and model decided to bring a piece of the land down under home with her. The svelte 17-year-old was spotted clinging to a very large stuffed koala as she walked through LAX with her mother, Kris Jenner, trailing behind her.

It seems like a lot of Kendall’s Aussie adventure was dedicated to koalas. For her 17th birthday, Kendall was treated to a real live koala from the zoo at her hotel. Her mother ordered the koala to be delivered to the hotel as a surprise and Kendall was able to spend a half hour with it poolside before getting ready for her day.

Kendall was also spotted kissing another koala and now she has brought a stuffed one home. Most likely that rather large stuffed animal represents memories of her trip and the fun she had.

Are you jealous of how fabulous Kendall Jenner looks and the fun things she gets to do? It seems like her life is one big fairy tale at the moment!

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