Kendall Jenner More Popular with Fans than Kylie

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Kylie and Kendall Jenner’s popularity is on the rise – Kendall’s even more so than Kylie’s, that is, if you are basing their popularity on Twitter followers, as many people do. Kendall just hit 3 million followers and her numbers are growing by the minute!

So, what does a teenage girl do to thank her Twitter followers? She tweets them, of course!

Kendall Jenner tweeted: “can not believe I’ve made it to 3 million followers. I truly appreciate all of you! thank you so much for the support. I love ALL of you!”

Kylie, although not as popular as her big sister, is still very supportive of Kendall and did what all good sisters do – congratulate her via Twitter.

Kylie Jenner tweeted: “Congrats to my sister on 3million followers! AMAZING!”

Kylie still has quite a way to go to catch up to Kendall Jenner – Kylie has just under 2 million Twitter followers.

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