Kendall Jenner Pouty Red Lips Megan Fox Inspired?

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Kendall Jenner has decided that pouty red lips are the way to go in 2012. The Kardashian teenager took to Twitter to show off some bright red lips that even Megan Fox would be proud of.

Maybe it was that she was completely bored last night or perhaps she just read about Megan Fox and her tips for bright red lips, but Kendall Jenner has figured that bright red lips may be her new, signature look in 2012.

Thanks to Twitter and Instagram, Kendall was ready to show the world exactly what she meant by blowing everyone a kiss:

It is the kind of change that one of the Kardashian girls can actually get away with without Kris Jenner or E! getting upset. At least lipstick takes 30 seconds to wipe off. Khloe Kardashian’s idea of going completely blonde would never fly.

So how do fans feel about Kendall Jenner’s bright red lips? Are the too much or kind of cute?

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