Kendall Jenner Reads? Was Kardashian Sister Paid to Read?

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Kendall Jenner took to Twitter on Tuesday to give a shout-out of sorts to the book that she is currently reading. She compared the new book Glow to the most popular, current teen book series, Twilight.

Kendall tweeted:

Still readin GLOW! Reminds me of Twilight but in outerspace,awesome love triangle.Hot guy vs Nice guy!Which wld u pick? (sic)

GLOWJenner then includes a link to the Glow Facebook page, where lo and behold, everyone finds out that the book was released to the public today (September 13). This brings into play several questions.

First was Kendall Jenner given an advanced copy of the book? If she was, was she paid to actually read and advertise the book to her 1.4 million Twitter followers? Most likely the answer to the two questions is probably a resounding…yes.

Somehow Kendall Jenner has had enough time to read an advanced copy of Glow and give it a sparkling recommendation to her Twitter following that happens to be in the exact demographic that the new teen novel is being marketed to. On top of this, her “sparkling review” shows up on her Twitter feed the exact day that the book hits book stores. Coincidence? Not a chance!

Will this book become the next Twilight thanks to a “Kardashian Family” endorsement? Who knows, but it will be interesting to see if there is some sort of product placement on Keeping up with the Kardashians.

One thing is for sure, it is nice to know that Kendall Jenner can read, and is not just a pretty face.

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